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Virginia Tech athletics, CMG Leasing partner with four student-athletes to introduce NIL activation

CMG Leasing
Photo credit: LEARFIELD

Virginia Tech athletics and its multimedia rightsholder, LEARFIELD’s Virginia Tech Sports Properties, announced a renewed relationship with CMG Leasing.

CMG is integrating NIL for the first time in its sponsorship relationship with Virginia Tech, as it will be working with four student-athletes representing three sports: Elizabeth Kitley (basketball); Cara Lewis (volleyball); Mekhi Lewis (wrestling) and Justyn Mutts (basketball).

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“Incorporating NIL into their sponsorship agreement, like CMG Leasing is doing, can be incredibly valuable for brands, particularly with the student-athletes proudly wearing their uniforms,” said Kyler Pilling, general manager for Virginia Tech Sports Properties, which represents Virginia Tech and CMG Leasing, not student-athletes, according to a press release. “The NIL era is new for us all, but we can work with our sponsors in doing NIL the right way, and of course in complete collaboration with the athletics administration.”

CMG Leasing secured the student-athletes’ NIL through a partnership with Triumph NIL and have worked with other basketball student-athletes such as Ashley Owusu and Sean Pedulla to record radio ads to help promote the CMG brand.

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“We’re grateful for CMG Leasing’s continued support of our athletics programs and our student-athletes,” said Virginia Tech director of athletics Whit Babcock. “We appreciate their unwavering commitment to innovate and evolve their sponsorship with our Virginia Tech Sports Properties team, who we work alongside to help our partners navigate the ins and outs of NIL and how to stay involved.”

“This is a major step forward for our company, and we couldn’t be more excited about what we have planned,” said CMG Leasing owner Jeanne Stosser. “We’re excited to extend and grow our sponsorship with Virginia Tech Athletics, and to continue supporting Hokie student-athletes through NIL.”