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USC’s Caleb Williams provides generous gifts for teammates, staffers thanks to NIL: ‘Great leader’

Caleb Williams
Photo credit: USC Athletics

USC quarterback Caleb Williams recently inked an NIL deal with Beats by Dre, which is widely known as a popular headphone company.

But he didn’t keep all of that money to himself, as he provided each of his teammates a special gift.

“I mean you see Caleb Williams, he got all of us Beats,” USC wide receiver Brenden Rice said, via “It was really cool, just as a team, because he had that huge Beats sponsorship and that deal, and for him to give back in our situation, give back to his teammates, it feels as though it’s a type of brotherhood just to be able to do that.”

That generosity left a great impression on Rice, as Williams proceeded to spread the NIL wealth with others who help keep things clean and organized at the teams’ facilities.

“It’s not only the teammates but as well as the staff,” Rice explained. “That was the big part of it. I saw him give back to the staff. I saw him go ahead and give a pair of Beats to custodians and saying, ‘Thank you for your work. Thank you for your service,’ and stuff like that.

“That takes a big perspective towards me and showing me that, like, ‘OK, this guy is a dude that I would fight alongside when we’re on that football field.’”

The gifts Williams provided to his teammates and custodians around the locker room have left a great impression on his teammates by itself, but it’s also the way he carries himself that resonates with the rest of the locker room.

“Caleb is a very humble person,” Rice said. “We’re all thankful for him. He’s a great leader and a better teammate. Just the fact that with the whole Beats situation, it was amazing just to see, ‘OK, you have a guy coming in here from a totally different school. He just got paid [through] a big deal for Beats.’

“And then trying to figure him out, trying to learn more about him and you see him and you see how he carries himself and for him to give back to our own teammates.”

Williams has thrown for 590 yards and six touchdowns in his first two games with the Trojans.