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Shaqir and Shareef O’Neal partnering with boohooMAN on collaboration

Shaqir and Shareef O'Neal
Photo credit: Courtesy of boohooMAN

On the court, Shaquille O’Neal was known as a dominant force throughout his NBA career. Off the court, Shaq was a noted businessman.

However, Shaq was never known for having the flashiest wardrobe despite being such a popular, likable figure. Luckily, his sons, Shaqir and Shareef didn’t acquire their fashion sense from their legendary father, but they seem to have picked up on his business acumen.

The O’Neal brothers have inked a deal with boohooMAN, which specializes in Big & Tall clothing. They’re also going for more of a grunge style.

Shaqir had a successful collaboration with boohooMAN last year, as the line featured an earth-toned palette of faux leathers, graphic prints, and band tees.

“I’ve always had a strong relationship with fashion and how it drives culture,” Shaqir told Rolling Stone. “Since the last collab, I’ve been more involved with the design process.” 

The new collection is said to combine Shareef’s “laid back” style and Shaqir’s “fashion forward” approach.

“This collection was not only super comfortable but it was very bold,” Shareef said. “When you think about those two things, it sums up my brother and I.”

Shaqir concurs with his brother, as they both seek to push the envelope.

“We both have similar tastes,” Shaqir said. “Personally, I like to push the limits more and find statement pieces. I’m always finding ways to make high fashion accessible, and the collection reflects that.”

With the varying interests in fashion style coming into play with the O’Neal brothers, the brand’s Head of Design believes the new clothing line will resonate with their customers.

“This year, the team wanted to focus on the US market and what was trending over there for us, but we also wanted to make sure it still aligned with the brothers’ personal aesthetic,” Head of Design Shane Chin said. “We introduced key new shapes such as boxy and long line silhouettes which can be layered up for transitional looks. We’re excited to work with both of the O’Neal brothers and believe this collection is a versatile range that will speak to the boohooMAN customer.”