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Penn State athletes, John Brenkus featured on Success With Honor Show

Success With Honor
Photo credit: Success With Honor

Former “Sport Science” host John Brenkus recently launched the platform Brinx.TV, where he’ll be hosting a variety of shows such as “The NIL House” and “Success With Honor.”

The show had their debut episode on Wednesday night, as it certainly brought a ton of laughs alongside some great entertainment.

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Penn State women’s basketball player Anna Camden had exactly one minute to complete the water bottle flip challenge, but all she needed was five minutes and 13 seconds to get the bottle to land upright.

Brenkus joked that it was the most memorable shots she’s ever made.

“Maybe,” Camden said while smiling and shrugging her shoulders. “We’ll give it a top-five.”

With her ability to hit over 32 percent of her 3-pointers throughout her career at Penn State, she has almost certainly hit better shots than that.

Reigning national champion wrestler in the 197-pound weight class Max Dean and freshman defensive tackle Zane Durant were also featured in the first episode of the show.

“All of those student-athletes who are going to be involved with that show really are going to be developing a skill set that’s translatable beyond college, beyond athletics, to really forge a career,” Brenkus told

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Brenkus quizzed Dean on classic rock, which is his favorite music genre. Brenkus also challenged Durant to name as many video game titles in a span of half a minute.

The intent of this new show is for them to have a recognizable host in Brenkus and have him join forces with Penn State athletes to show off their more human side.

“I mean John is the master of creating engaging content,” Jason Belzer, the CEO and Co-founder of the agency Student-Athlete NIL (SANIL), which powers Success With Honor and other NIL collectives, told “We all watched ‘Sport Science’ and he built an empire, so he gets it.”