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Oregon commit Dante Moore didn’t let NIL factor into college choice: ‘I would never make my decision off money’

Dante Moore
Photo credit: USA Today

Seems like money is on everyone’s mind these days, except for class of 2023 five-star Oregon commit, quarterback Dante Moore.

Moore did not want to be blinded by the potential millions while making his college decision. The Detroit native even took it upon himself to leave the meeting entirely when the topic came up. He simply wanted to pick the best school that was right for him.

“To be honest, like I said, NIL is a big part of everybody’s recruiting process,” Moore said during a recent interview. “I step out of it because I don’t want to choose my college decision off money. I’m just a young kid trying to play football.”

There will no doubt be plenty of money in the 18-year-olds pockets soon enough. Other class of 2023 quarterbacks have already started to ink NIL deals. Malachi Nelson, who is the ranked one spot ahead of Moore, has already signed multiple endorsement deals. According to, Nelson has an NIL value of $752K.

Dante Moore is not far behind with a value of $710K. However, he is not as popular on social media and 40,000 less followers. However, it does not matter much to Moore. The 17-year-old knows that the fans and money will follow once he showcases his talents on the field.

“I’m really trying to get my full experience on the football side of the field,” added Moore. “However, your talent shows on the field, how good you do, that’s when the money comes in. So, I would never make my decision off money.”