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Michigan Senator proposes law to make high school student-athletes eligible for NIL

Adam Hollier
Photo credit: The Detroit News

Michigan state senator Adam Hollier has proposed a new bill that would allow the state to decide for itself on the legalization of name, image and likeness for high school student-athletes.

Currently, the 17 states that allow NIL for high school athletes went through state athletic associations to create bylaws for how procedures would be built to keep student-athletes on the right path. In Hollier’s proposal, the state of Michigan would have all power in determining the future of NIL for pre-college athletes.

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Michigan has seemingly followed other Midwest states over the past few months in denying NIL for high schoolers. Most recently, Ohio high schools in the Ohio High School Athletics Association collectively decided to turn down 14 different proposals that would allow for student-athletes to take part in name, image and likeness partnerships. There is a firm belief however that decision-makers will change their mind in the near future with the correct procedures in place.

“I do think we will have to adapt, just as the NCAA has done, so we can work with it when it does arrive,” John Betz, Athletic Director at Olentangy Berlin (Delaware County, OH) said to The Columbus Dispatch.

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With high level athletes who come from the Midwest such as Dante Moore from Detroit, MI (Oregon Football), Kadyn Proctor from Des Moines, IA (Iowa Football), Avery Johnson from Maize, KS (Kansas State Football), Bronny and Bryce James from Cleveland, OH and Xavier Booker from Indianapolis, IN (Michigan State Basketball) making their transitions from high school to college within the next few years, there will surely be a push for these student-athletes to make money as the percentage of states that allow high school student-athletes grows rapidly.