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MarketPryce seeks to give student-athletes a chance to be successful in NIL space

Photo credit: Courtesy of MarketPryce

Launched in January 2021, MarketPryce prides itself on allowing both professional and student-athletes, as well as agents an opportunity to connect with brands in as simple as three clicks.

In less than two years, they’ve been able to lock down over 7,000 partnerships, which includes at least 3,000 athletes.

Some of the names they have worked with are very recognizable — Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill and David Ortiz to name a few.

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However, with NIL coming into play six months into the birth of MarketPryce, that widened their market from just 5,000 pro athletes to 500,000 college athletes.

“The real magic we’ve made happen is for the not top one percent, so the student athletes,” Co-Founder and CEO at MarketPryce Jason Bergman told The NIL Deal.

“Most athletes we work with are the Kent State wrestler, the Creighton volleyball player, the UCF cheerleader, the athletes who aren’t totally in the national, global spotlight, but have a lot of influence in their local communities.”

MarketPryce also gives these athletes a platform to show off their personality through the recent launch of “MP Content Crew.”

While NIL is seen as a positive movement for many, head coaches such as Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher have not been shy to voice their displeasure with the movement.

Bergman sees two different types of NIL.

One in which those two aforementioned coaches are complaining about it, where some star football players could be making millions of dollars just to simply make an appearance. And then the other NIL where the athletes who may not get the same recognition as the quarterback for a big name program, such as Alabama, but can still have their lives changed for the better.

“MarketPryce is waiting in the water of the second NIL of the empowerment era of athletes,” Bergman said.

“If I’m Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher, I understand where they’re coming from. It’s frustrating having boosters reach out to them about multi-million dollar deals to transfer. That’s not the thing that excites me, excites our team, helping the rich get richer. And the student-athlete quarterback making 10 million dollars a year from their football team. I’d rather help the other 99 percent of the athletes have the same seat at the table as those superstars.”

Bergman feels that an underrated aspect of the NIL movement is the story some of these student athletes have and how they got to where they were.

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Bergman references UCF cheerleader Cameron Baisden, who had doubts about himself before landing an NIL deal with COACH. That partnership led Baisden to believe he’s worth more than he initially thought.

“It’s insanely hard to be a student athlete,” Bergman said. “The more that businesses can speak with these athletes and understand their stories, understand their why behind partnering with a business, the more successful it’s gonna be; the more authentic the partnership’s gonna be, so those stories I’m excited to keep empowering athletes to tell through MarketPryce.”