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LSU gymnast Livvy Dunne made over $500K on a single NIL deal

Olivia Dunne
Photo credit: LSU Athletics

We all know that LSU gymnast Livvy Dunne makes a lot of money in NIL deals.

Dunne is coy about how much she makes, but with over 11 million followers on her social media platforms, brands are falling all over themselves to partner with this powerhouse athlete.

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Estimates of Dunne’s NIL deals have her as the second-highest-paid college athlete in the country, pulling down $3.5 million in NIL earnings. That is only behind the estimated earnings of LeBron James’ son, Bronny James, who is entering USC this fall to play college basketball.

On a recent episode of the Full Send podcast, Dunne (kind of) discussed her earnings with the hosts, who asked what her “biggest bag for a single brand deal” was.

“I usually don’t ever talk about money,” Dunne said. “But I would say – really for me, what I love about certain brands is getting long-term brand deals. Those are probably the best because you build a relationship with the brand, and they want you, year after year. Sometimes they will pay you more as the years go on. I just love building the relationship with the brands, but I would say it’s six figures.”

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The host responded by asking, “Under 500 [thousand dollars]?” Dunne shook her head no, and the host followed up with, “Over?” to which Dunne said, “Yeah. Yeah, I’m very fortunate. It’s just crazy to me.”

While Livvy Dunne wouldn’t name the specific brand that paid her over $500,000 for a single deal, the LSU gymnast does work with huge partners, including American Eagle, Motorola, Grubhub, ESPN, and more.