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John Calipari reveals how NIL can impact Kentucky athletes

John Calipari
Photo credit: Kentucky Athletics

The NIL movement has been a huge topic of conversation over these last couple of years, as some universities are finding that they better hop on board with this initiative or get left behind.

There’s been some uncertainty at Kentucky recently, as there was a thought process that the university wasn’t doing everything it could in the NIL space.

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However, John Calipari took to Twitter to put to rest any doubts people may have had regarding NIL at Kentucky, but noted that it shouldn’t be the only reason athletes choose to come to Lexington.

Calipari has been vocal about his support of NIL in the past, as he declared that he “got out of the business of basketball and got into the business of helping families.”

Kentucky football head coach Mark Stoops says that NIL is a “major factor,” but also wants to ensure that the university maintains their integrity while navigating these new waters.

Kentucky Athletic Director Mitch Barnhardt also recently released a statement regarding Kentucky’s efforts in the NIL space.

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“In recent weeks and months, we have been moved once again by the Big Blue Nation’s passion for our great university, our athletics teams and especially by our fans’ fierce support of our student-athletes, who we put first in everything we do. In this new era of college athletics where athletes can take advantage of their (NIL), the landscape is constantly shifting,” said Barnhart in his message. “We wholeheartedly embrace our athletes’ ability to earn from their NIL and continue to do everything we can to empower them to succeed…We are excited to remind you of the many ways that you can contribute right now.”

For those who may have had doubts about the program’s attitude towards NIL, this may quell those concerns.