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Here’s how Nebraska signee Malachi Coleman is using NIL for good

Photo credit: Nebraska Athletics

Malachi Coleman has had a life full of adversity.

When Coleman was just five years old, he lost both of his biological parents. After that, Coleman and his sister bounced around foster homes in the Midwest. That included being placed in an abusive household at one point. 

In 2015, the siblings finally found a home with the Colemans. However, the challenging experiences stayed with Malachi.

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As a basketball and football star for Lincoln East High School, Coleman saw an opportunity once the state of Nebraska started allowing NIL deals for high school athletes.

Coleman wanted to use NIL to give back to the foster care system. 

Coleman’s first step was approaching Nick Maestas, owner of Muchachos — a Mexican BBQ fusion restaurant in Lincoln. Maestas made news in 2021 after partnering with the Nebraska offensive line to release the “Pipeline” burrito. Coleman informed Maestas of his situation, and shortly after, “The Giverito” was launched. All proceeds from the burrito will be donated to the foster care system.

Maestas did not disclose exactly how much Coleman has raised, but declared it “a good chunk of change.” Coleman specifically wants the proceeds to go toward sports, dance, or art classes for children in the foster system — an opportunity the kids most likely wouldn’t get otherwise.

On the football field, Coleman is one of the most unique athletes you will ever see. According to Coleman, half of the people who watch him say he should be an edge rusher, while the other half are sure he will be a star receiver.

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“I don’t know what I want more,” Malachi told 247Sports. “I love going out and hitting the quarterback. I absolutely love destroying them. At the same time, I also love catching touchdowns.”

Coleman mentioned a desire to put his home state back on top as a main factor in committing to Nebraska. As a four-star recruit, and one of the best wide receiver prospects in the country, Coleman could have gone anywhere he wanted. He just isn’t quite done giving back to Nebraska yet.