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Five-star QB prospect Julian Sayin not focused on NIL: ‘It’s about finding the best fit’

Julian Sayin
Photo credit: Sports Illustrated

Julian Sayin is considered a top-flight quarterback prospect for 2024, as he’s ranked second in the nation at his position and 15th overall prospect in his class, according to the 247Sports.

As a varsity athlete based out of California, he is eligible to receive NIL money, with certain restrictions, per

The current regulations permit a student-athlete to be compensated for their NIL, so long as there is no recognition of the student-athletes school, school logos, uniforms or insignias. Further information from the administration pointed to Bylaw 212 which reads a student-athlete shall become ineligible if they are, “wearing a school team uniform or any identifying school insignia while appearing in any advertisement, promotional activity or endorsement for any commercial product or service” or “lending his/her name and team affiliation for purposes of commercial endorsement.”

While Sayin is likely to have lucrative NIL offers come his way, that doesn’t appear to be a main area of focus for him.

“For me personally, I feel like I don’t have to look at that too much,” Sayin said. “It is just about finding the best fit and the best program. If you play well at the program you want to be at and eventually, the money is going to come. Everyone’s goal is to get to the NFL and that’s where the big money is.”

“You want to be where you want to be developed the best, where you feel the most comfortable and the best fit for you.”

Georgia is the overwhelming favorite to land Sayin when it’s his turn to play college football, according to