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Financial Finesse announces launch of NIL Long Game, a financial literary program

Financial Finesse
Photo credit: Courtesy of Financial Finesse

Financial Finesse, the nation’s foremost independent provider of financial wellness coaching, announced the launch of NIL Long Game on Tuesday.

NIL Long Game is available for free to colleges, universities, and student-athletes in the United States. It’s a comprehensive online financial literacy certification program that is now available as a standalone digital platform.

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“We can truly change the financial landscape of an entire generation by supporting this group of incredibly talented, disciplined, determined student-athletes to manage their money with the same degree of intention they apply to competing in their sports,” Liz Davidson, Founder and CEO of Financial Finesse, said in a statement. “Collectively, student-athletes have over 50 million followers, including most of the 14 million students in college today, who look up to them as role models. This is just the springboard for restoring upward mobility to Gen Z, and a driving force behind why we built and are donating NIL Long Game.”

Student-athletes trying to establish themselves in the evolving NIL landscape will benefit from the education and guidance that NIL Long Game provides. NIL isn’t all bright and cheery — there are potential risks if student-athletes aren’t prepared to handle taxes and other financial matters. This is where NIL Long Game aims to step in.

Financial Finesse has partnered with Athlete Licensing Company to make financial wellness education even more accessible.

“We couldn’t be more excited to be partnering with Financial Finesse to provide NIL Long Game,” Adam Jaggers, CEO of Athletic Licensing Company, said in a statement to The NIL Deal. “As a company whose mission is providing comprehensive protection and management tools for student athlete’s NIL rights, we believe a meaningful educational and coaching partnership will be critical to allowing athletes to more efficiently navigate the NIL landscape, as well as provide them a competitive advantage when working with brands.”

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Over 520,000 athletes competed in NCAA championships last year alone. NIL Long Game is sparking a movement to restore upward mobility in sports and empower the next generation entering the workforce.

“Whether their plan is to go pro or to become an entrepreneur,” Jaggers said, “an investment into our student athlete’s financial wellness will pay huge dividends.” 

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