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New details revealed in Jaden Rashada, Florida NIL fallout: Report

Jaden Rashada
Photo credit: Getty Images

Jaden Rashada has already moved on — the four-star quarterback officially committed to Arizona State and what he called his “childhood dream school” in a statement that he released on National Signing Day.

Even though Rashada is moving onto bigger and better things, new details have been revealed in his NIL fallout with Florida.

According to The Athletic, Rashada reportedly signed a contract with the Gator Collective for a whopping $13.85 million in total over four years. He was supposed to receive an initial payment of $500,000 on Dec. 5, but the contract was terminated two days later.

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After that initial payment, Rashada would have been paid $250,000 per month as a freshman, $291,000 per month as a sophomore, and $375,000 per month as a junior, The Athletic reported.

If he played at Florida as a senior, Rashada would have made $200,000 per month.

In the contract, Rashada was expected to maintain a residence in Gainesville, Florida. He also was expected to make at least one branded Twitter and Instagram post per month. Rashada was also required to appear at eight fan engagement events per year and autograph at least 15 pieces of merchandise per year, according to The Athletic.

The contract also stated that the Gator Collective can “in its sole and absolute discretion” terminate the agreement “without penalty or further obligation.” Sources told The Athletic that the Gator Collective never received a guarantee in writing that Rashada’s deal would be covered by its donors.

“I’d be surprised if it guaranteed Rashada $13 million in cash,” Mit Winter, Attorney at Kennyhertz Perry LLC previously told The NIL Deal. “And if it did, it sounds like that much money never existed.”

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Shortly after everything fell apart, Rashada was released from his National Letter of Intent with Florida, and on National Signing Day he announced his commitment to Arizona State.

“I’ll be attending Arizona State University, my childhood dream school, my father’s alma mater, a place where I’m happy and a school where the head coach has always had my back!” Rashada said on National Signing Day. “Can’t wait to carry on the family name at the university and start my journey!”