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Daevin Hobbs offered $600K on Instagram to attend Utah — a school that wasn’t recruiting him

Daevin Hobbs
Photo credit: Tennessee Athletics

Since name, image and likeness became legal July 1, 2021, high school and college student-athletes have been able to reap the benefits of earning money for their NIL.

Tennessee defensive end Daevin Hobbs received similar opportunities during his recruitment.

Daevin Hobbs, one of the top 50 players in the 2023 recruiting class, reportedly received a direct message on Instagram from a verified account with millions of followers, offering him $600,000 to attend Utah, according to 247 Sports.

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Hobbs reportedly couldn’t believe it. However, Utah wasn’t even recruiting him.

This information came out late last week in the aftermath of the Jaden Rashada fallout at Florida, and during the same time Nyckoles Harbor committed to South Carolina as his college of choice after a contentious recruiting battle where some even suggested it was a “pay-for-play” proposition after Oregon reportedly thought they had received commitment from the five-star recruit.

There’s no doubt about it, NIL has changed how players get recruited to schools.

Syracuse men’s basketball coach Jim Boeheim recently spoke on the record accusing other ACC schools of using NIL money to buy their teams, while claiming there is “no solution” to the NIL and the Transfer Portal. 

“I’ve been in the game for 50 years, probably some people think too long. Every problem we’ve faced over those 50 years, there’s been a solution. Things could be figured out. There is no solution for this,” Boeheim said over the weekend in an ESPN article

On Monday, Boeheim further clarified his remarks, which he said were made while walking to the locker room after a press conference had already ended. 

“All the NILs that I know of are legal and within the rules completely, 100%,” Boeheim said. “It’s the way college basketball is going.”

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“The Transfer Portal is good for kids,” Boeheim added. “It can be bad, but it’s here, and players should have that opportunity. NIL is here, and it’s good.” 

Whether Boeheim likes it or not, NIL is a part of the recruiting landscape. And in Hobbs’ case, he says he “probably would’ve chosen” Tennessee without NIL, but added “it was a good factor.”