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Clemson’s TigerImpact NIL collective close to 50-athlete mark, says board member

Photo credit: Getty Images

Since its inception four months ago, the TigerImpact NIL Collective has signed over 40 athletes from Clemson University, including one from each sport.

TigerImpact board member Kendall Alley said they have agreed to market for 34 local charities in the area. About another dozen or more athletes from the university are expected to join the collective in the coming weeks.

According to Alley, charities have asked to be paired with specific athletes, but the athletes also have a chance to choose what charities they would like to partner with as well.

Alley, who is a member of Clemson’s 1981 National Championship team, said that the nonprofit collective received its 501(c)3 designation in June and it takes a “purpose-driven” approach to name, image and likeness opportunities for athletes.

“We don’t do any kind of commercial activities, sponsorships or advertising-type activities,” Alley said, via Greenville Journal. “It’s all driven by charities.”

Alley said that the compensation for each athlete starts at $2,500, and it could potentially go higher based on their performance, social media presence, and the sport and position they play. Alley added that the athletes are held accountable to hold up their end of the agreement.

“They know what our expectations are and that our rules are unbreakable,” Alley said. “Student athletes are in a position where they can use their platform – their following – to get the word out about smaller community charities that are having an increasingly difficult time in making their voices heard and garnering support in this increasingly competitive social media world,” he said.