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BLVD collective lands electric scooter NIL deal for USC football

Photo credit: USC Athletics

The USC football team has earned a new set of wheels, but it is not the type of transportation that one would expect.

Instead of gaining a luxury car, over 100 members of USC football will be riding around the streets of Southern Cal on Ridel electric scooters. The deal was made possible through the BLVD collective, which secured the funds through donors. Many of the donations were from businesses throughout the area that want to promote USC football.

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In return, players will help promote these businesses through social media, commercials, and appearances. BLVD has already posted a video promoting the partnership on Twitter with quarterback Miller Moss and wide receiver Brenden Rice.

The ad shows the two players riding around on campus while showcasing the scooter and its features. The two players also joke about who would win in a scooter race.

“My favorite aspect of the scooter is the braking because we be zooming around in and out of students, can’t hit anybody,” claimed Rice.

“My favorite part of the scooter is definitely how fast it goes because it can get me from home to class in about seven minutes,” Moss added.

BLVD has been the biggest supporter of USC in terms of NIL. They have already inked deals with many players and businesses. Before the season opener, the collective announced that they will be flying in family members of players for the season. They have also made deals with Rex’s Steakhouse, Mercedes, and now Ridel electric scooter.

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The ultimate goal of the BLVD collective is to raise over $75 million in five years for USC student-athletes. So far, they seem to be on track as they have made deals with hundreds of student-athletes and have connected them to multiple businesses.

BLVD allows donors to subscribe for memberships which give them more access to the players. There are currently three membership tiers that range from $50-250, with the Santa Monica BLVD membership gaining you the most access to BLVD events and perks.