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Adidas inks 15 women athletes to NIL deals

Photo credit: Adidas

The NIL game is constantly changing college sports. Adidas is now officially a part of that change.

While football and basketball have been the biggest winners for athletes, the other sports have certainly garnered a fair share of attention.

The big-name brands have all kicked the tires, and Adidas has gone with a rather unique approach. Adidas laid out a grand master plan to send out thousands of NIL deals to their sponsored schools. Darren Rovell of The Action Network reported that Adidas has now inked 15 athletes to new deals. Here’s the twist: All of them are women athletes.

Women’s sports will benefit greatly from the NIL as well, and Billie Jean King was in attendance at the event at the Adidas HQ in New York City.

These athletes indeed have a much bigger platform than before, and the new “Fab 15” includes those from the following sports: Gymnastics, soccer, basketball, softball, volleyball, tennis, and track and field.

The Cavinder twins – who recently transferred from Fresno State to Miami – gathered up a tremendous amount of NIL deals at a Mountain West school. We can only imagine what kind of deals they will get with the Hurricanes in the ACC.

The new wave is hitting college sports, and these 15 athletes that Adidas is partnering with all will receive a lot from this process.

There will be plenty more deals coming to fruition soon, especially with the fall sports coming closer to the start of their respective seasons.