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Adam Weitsman says he will no longer support Syracuse athletics through NIL

Photo credit: Syracuse Athletics

Adam Weitsman, Syracuse’s most prominent booster, made an announcement on Tuesday that shook up the NIL world.

According to, Weitsman announced that he will no longer sign Syracuse student-athletes to NIL deals.

He will also no longer bring celebrities to Syracuse athletic events. 

Weitsman, a New York upstate businessman, was said to be all in on Syracuse athletics.

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Weitsman reportedly had over $1 million in NIL deals for respective Syracuse student–athletes. He was also a major influence as to why Syracuse was able to land four-star shooting guard Elijah Moore, which again makes this situation even harder to believe given what Weitsman has done for the university.

One of the main reasons why Weitsman is no longer participating in helping Syracuse athletics, is because he felt like Syracuse chancellor Kent Syverud didn’t want him anywhere near Syracuse athletics since he took over as chancellor. 

“From what I understand, hearing it from sources at the university, he [Syverud] did not like the high-profile nature of the celebrities coming to games and the way I was going about NIL, discussing it with the media,” Weitsman told

“He was not comfortable with that, but the only way I knew to go about doing NIL is to do it high-profile. We’re in Syracuse, New York. We have to bring attention to our area.

“Even though I didn’t go to Syracuse, I love Syracuse athletics and every single person that works there. But I’m not the boss. If the boss doesn’t want me there, I understand.”

Overall this move comes as a major surprise for Syracuse faithful considering the fact that Weitsman stated earlier this year he would pay more than $2 million in various NIL deals. 

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Many close to the situation pondered if Jim Boeheim retiring had anything to do with Weitsman’s departure. 

“I am good friends and respect Coach B,” Weitsman told “I’m also good friends with Coach Autry, Gerry (McNamara) and Griff (Allen Griffin) and love those guys and want them to have the tools to win.”

Weitsman added that he would honor NIL deals he currently has in place with student-athletes.

“I love the program. I love everybody that works there. I just think it was different personalities,” he said. “I’m just going to peacefully go off into the sunset.”