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Accelerator adds Olivia Dunne to star-studded group

Livvy Dunne
Photo credit: LSU Athletics

The NIL deals keep pouring in for LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne, who is making near, if not more, than $1 million annually.

Accelerator added the LSU star gymnast to an already star-studded group including Aaron Judge, Travis Kelce and Jalen Hurts, according to the New York Post.

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“What really attracted to me to the Accelerator at first was the loaded roster of top tier athletes that use this and drink it,” 20-year-old Dunne told The Post. ” I mean, Aaron Judge Travis Kelce — they all use it and they’re obviously amazing athletes. So that’s what really attracted me to this product.”

Dunne has already had an opportunity to meet with Kelce, as both connected over being a part of the Accelerator team.

“The ESPYs were amazing, and he was awesome,” she said of Kelce. “We love it, we actually talked about it.”

The rising senior uses Accelerator drinks before every single practice and workouts, which seemingly makes this partnership a hand in glove fit.

“They really help in the gym,” Dunne said “It makes me feel great throughout the day.”

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The NSF Certified Accelerator incorporates a mixture of natural caffeine, plant-based thermogenics, antioxidants, and exclusive components that empower athletes to achieve peak performance, something the New Jersey native can probably attest to.

“I don’t crash [after drinking it]” Dunne said. “My energy levels stay high… and as an athlete, it’s really important to know that I’m putting the highest quality products in my body.”